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Product Name:JTGB-UF-XSS667

Product Description

Model JTGB-UF-XSS667 is an infrared flame detector with wide angle and mainly used for Large space and narrow tunnel. According to the fire feature in special occasion, the product detects view angle can reach 180 degree and the view angle doesn’t need to be adjusted if the detector will be mounted in a large space ceiling or tunnel side wall. But, it can also assure to detect everywhere in the field. Moreover, the product with the advanced optical path and software analysis processing system not only can detect if the product has been contaminated or covered, also can fundamentally satisfy the users’ protecting needs. 

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Technical Description

Detection View-Angle: ≤180°
Respond Time: ≤10s
Operating Wavelength: Waveband 1:3.8μm, Waveband 2: 4.4μm
Operating Voltage: 16~32VDC
Ambient Temperature:  -40°C~85°C
Ambient Humidity:  5% - 95%RH (Non-condensation)
Alarm Current:  ≤55mA
Static Current:   ≤45mA
Output Mode:   Alarm relay contact output; Fault relay contact output; RS485 Standard Configuration Interface Output: MODBUS RTU
Protection Grade:   IP66
External Dimension:   180mm×80mm×125mm
Compliance Standard:  GB15631-2008 《Special Fire Detector》, GB4208-2008 《Enclosure Protection Grade (IP Code)》