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    Product Name:JTGB-UF-XSS665

    Product Description

    Point type infrared flame detector (multi-parameter) is an industrial explosion-proof product. The detector detects infrared emitted by the fire elements and the infrared divergence at the scene. It gives alarm after perceived inferred being analyzed by embedded advanced intelligent algorithms. The XSS665 detector responses to fire fast, operates reliable, and has good performance on noise immunity. The product is suitable to be installed in inflammable and explosive environment for fire and even smoldering fire detection.

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    Technical Description

    Angle of Detection:≤110°

    Time of Response:≤10s


    Temperature Range :-40℃~85℃

    Operating Humidity Range:5%~95%RH

    Operating Voltage:24VDC

    Standby Current:30mA

    Alarm Current:40mA


    Explosion-Proof Grade: ExdIICT6, DIP A20 TA T6

    Protection Grade: IP66